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Reason and Truth Ministries, haveĀ been mentored by the Southern Evangelical Seminary, a.k.a. S.E.S., for the last 10 years through conferences, classes and seminars. We have closely followed, Hank Hanegraaff’s Ministies, Josh McDowell Ministries, Reasonable Faith Ministries, C.S. Lewis Institute and Dr. Michael Brown’s Ministries. Below you will find resources recommended by us.

  • Selling for a cause

    Purchasing the material recommended on our site all go towards causes to reconstructing and re-building the philosophy and community of others.



John L. Lewis, author andĀ leading teacher of Reason and Truth Ministries, highly recommends these resources as primary literature for apprehending the historical truth of Yahweh’s Word. These tools have been discovered through time and has been proven authentic to understanding and apprehending the risen Mashiach and soon coming Judge. Feel free to purchase his work and other material from the following online stores.





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Reason and Truth Ministries, make it their responsibility to impact their community by promoting holistic sustainability.